We offer more than 70 beer types from different places of all over the world on our menu for those who embrace rising diverse types of beer trend. British beers, Japanese beers and even unique types of beer produced in monasteries of Belgium are only some of intriguing choices on our menu. Alongside with our wide range of beer types another thing we are assertive about is our cocktails. Our staffs, trained for guiding you according to your taste and mood by listening to you, prepare cocktails special for you if you wish. You are always welcomed for only drinking and talk at all hours of the day as well as you may come for food-beer matchup. Another important feature that makes us different than other places is that our kitchen is open till 02.00 a.m. on weekdays and till 03.00 a.m. on weekends.


We are in a historical building built in 1920’s. We entitled “Teddy Stage” to our second floor. It’s a saloon prepared for party lovers who their events are too big for their homes and who would like to leave event organizations to professionals. This area brought into VIP use for special parties and celebrations waits for customers who would like to utilize our friendly service and distinctive flavors.


We entitled “Teddy Stage” to our third floor. As it can be understood from its name, this floor is designed as a modern artistic area that melts chamber theatre and jazz bar of 1920’s which reflects the historical spirit of the building in the same pot as well as that performances of music, theatre, stand-up, and etc. are displayed in. With its concepts of “Acoustic Karaoke”, “From Street to Stage” and “Sit Down”, “Teddy Stage” is a home for different people from celebrities to street musicians and sometimes for audiences who pluck up their courage and find themselves on the stage. Our detailed wine menu which is suitable for this area’s sophisticated energy is waiting for you.